FirewoodFX Wins Best STP Broker Award 2019

January 17, 2020
This broker, which has existed for six years, has received recognition for the performance of its trading services.

Broker FirewoodFX welcomes 2020 with prestigious awards. This trading service provider, which was established in 2014, won an award as Best STP Broker 2019 from the European CEO Awards. STP brokers are a type of trading service provider channeling their client orders to larger ECN brokers so they don't place opposite positions to traders (Non-Dealing Desk). 

For information, European CEO is a print and online media that presents information in 28 European states. This London-based media office reviews detailed analyses, strategies, and guidelines that help business people make decisions in the European economic market.

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The award presented by the European CEO to FirewoodFX is a testament to the broker's dedication to all traders (both beginners and professionals), as well as excellent trading conditions. Winning the title of Best STP Broker 2019 is FirewoodFX's motivation to provide a better trading experience in the future.


FirewoodFX Gives Offers With Competitive Spreads

FirewoodFX offers three account options: Micro, Standard and Premium. There are lots to choose from on Micro accounts, starting from 0.01 lots, with a minimum deposit of 10 USD. In addition, FirewoodFX is a broker providing leverage up to 1:1000, making it suitable for novice traders with limited funds.

With spreads from 1 pip and STP broker rewards, traders looking for fast execution and competitive quotes can reference FirewoodFX. Complete information about the FirewoodFX broker can be obtained directly through the official website.

FirewoodFX Review

FirewoodFX is a broker that provides fixed spreads and fixed exchange rates. Apart from that, this broker offers leverage of up to 1:1000, a minimum deposit of $10, and bonus programs to boost traders' earnings. More

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