FirewoodFX Wins 2019 Best Asian Trading Platform Award

August 16, 2019
International Business Magazines awarded FirewoodFX for the consistency of services provided on its trading platform.

Through its official website, FirewoodFX, which was established in 2014, conveys its latest achievements. Consistency in improving the quality of trading platforms that benefit clients has made FirewoodFX awarded "Asia's Best Forex Trading Platform 2019" by International Business Magazines.

Every year, the International Business Magazine website holds an award ceremony for agencies that show outstanding performance in the financial world. This online site based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, aims to provide top-notch information for a global audience under one roof.

All trends related to the world of business, finance, stock market, assets, forex, and management, are in the spotlight of the International Business Magazine (IBMAG). Through the rigorous curation of professionals on the IBMAG team, FirewoodFX broker is the only one to be awarded in the trading platform category.

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FirewoodFX Trading Platform Supported by Reliable Servers

Currently, FirewoodFX uses the Metatrader4 platform, which can be operated on PCs and Smartphones. Besides that, MT4 can also be accessed directly on Webtrader and Multi Terminal. With more than 50 integrated indicators and a multi-language interface provided, it's no wonder that the FirewoodFX platform has received appreciation from prestigious financial magazines.

The proud title carried by FirewoodFX is also complemented by superior trading conditions, one of which is the ease of using EA and Trading Robots. FirewoodFX's trading servers are located at Equinix NY4, a world-class financial services center. In addition, traders who open an account with FirewoodFX can get trading services with a leverage of up to 1:1000. 

FirewoodFX Review

FirewoodFX is a broker that provides fixed spreads and fixed exchange rates. Apart from that, this broker offers leverage of up to 1:1000, a minimum deposit of $10, and bonus programs to boost traders' earnings. More

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