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Marwan Feb 26 2022 5 2 2
Exnesss Cannot Cut Profits
When the market is volatile, cut profit or cut loss cannot be executed. This happens repeatedly; it seems like it's on purpose. I don't recommend this Exness broker. What's the matter, so when will the profits be like this, will you keep losing?
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Sopiyan Jul 21 2021 1 0 0
Which Is The Correct Exness Site?
Please provide information on the correct Exness site, exness.com or exnessid.pro or oneexness.link
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Qian Jul 6 2021 1 1 0
Exness Becomes A Rogue Broker
So that many people don't fall victim, I suggest friends not to trade with this broker. I have experienced losses. Because of the system engineering, I was initially not suspicious and thought there was an error in the network or my device. Still, after a few days, I noticed an element of deliberate action so that the losses would increase and turn.

TP can't be pressed, can't cut losses, and there are also various other irregularities when the market is volatile. I don't mean to be insulting, but these are FACTS, and I dare to swear and have proof that I have sent and emailed many times, but there has been no solution in good faith.
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Anonim May 23 2021 1 1 0
There are indeed pro accounts.
However, they are a pro Dealing desk.
Create a position opposite to the set lot 2x of the entry trader.
When a trader sets a lot below the MM safe line, it will be left. And vice versa.
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Wisnubrata Dec 2 2020 1 0 0
Exness Website Can't Be Opened
Please ask for access to Exness today, 2 Dec 2020. Thanks
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Heru K Nov 30 2020 1 1 0
New Website Address
I want to ask, what is the latest Exness website link? I can't access the old link.
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Fadilah Oct 28 2020 1 0 3
How To Become An Exness Partner
Are there any special requirements to become a partner at Exness?
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Cahyo Oct 26 2020 1 0 0
Exness Office In Indonesia?
Does Exness have an office in Indonesia? And do they support MT5 too?
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Rendra Aug 27 2020 1 0 4
Procurement Of Bonuses At Exness Brokers
Exness is making a bonus program to attract traders. Thanks.
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Yadi Aug 15 2020 4 0 0
Is The WD Schedule Available On Saturday?
Please ask, can Exness be WD on Saturday?
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