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Joko Jan 12 2022 6 1
Liquidity Aggregator/liquidity Provider
Do our orders on FBS always go to the liquidity aggregator/liquidity provider? So, who is the liquidity aggregator at the FBS broker?
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Norasidah Bt Mohd Rashid Aug 4 2021 1 0 0
FBS Broker Fraud
Included is a copy of the policy report
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Norashidah Mohd Rashid Jul 30 2021 1 0 0
Fbs Is A Fraudulent Broker
Nov 2020, I deposited the money as desired... the next day, I was told I had made a profit. The broker has asked me to pay the commission before the actual amount is credited to my account—big con. I don't justify the money I have spent so far.
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Nicolas Jun 16 2021 0 0
Excellent Broker For Beginners
I just wanted to say they have a really good opportunity for beginners with the Quick Start bonus. Quick Start is a bonus onboarding program that allows you to try out mobile trading. To see the opportunities you can get at FBS Trader, you can take a free $100 bonus. Here's your chance to learn something new!
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Mae Dunn Jun 14 2021 0 0
The FBS Copy Trading Feature Is Different
I am very new to the world of trading. The FBS platform offers platforms, programs, and educational content different from other brokers.
Very helpful.
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Green Lee Apr 28 2021 3 0 0
Stop Loss Hunter Episode GBP/NZD
Open Trade GBPNZD at 15.04 (Metatrader time. Open Sell 1.92414, SL 1.93300. At 00.05, SL executed at 1.93338. What makes me confused is the price chart on GBPNZD at 15.00 (27/4) - 03.00 (28/4) the highest is 1.9322. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I want to upload an image, but the options menu is unavailable. All complete screenshots are available.
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Nick Mar 21 2021 0 0
Webinar With FBS
FBS is a broker that often holds webinars to make it easier for novice traders to learn how to trade from zero.
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Robby Mar 17 2021 0 0
FBS Copytrade Is Really Great
When it matches with the master, it feels easy to make money here.
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Francisco Jorge Jan 29 2021 0 0
FBS, A Good Broker For Beginners
FBS is a good broker for beginners like me because I can access suitable educational materials and friendly support. I can even become a wannabe millionaire with promos like deposit bonuses and free margin for operations (no risk). That's good for me.
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Eko Pastia Mukti Nov 11 2020 2 0 5
Bookie Brokers Must Be Eradicated!
There is no need to elaborate, I entered at three brokers simultaneously with the same Stop Loss. But the strange thing is that I always hit stop loss at FBS. For the past three days, I have felt strange. Then, the shape of the market or candlestick is different... Below, I attach some evidence.
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