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Ojik Jarwo Nov 29 2019 1 1 2
Minimum Deposit For New Account Opening
What is the minimum deposit to open an account here?
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Upi Sep 14 2019 0 0
Brokers who aren't adventurous..

Anyway, it's comfortable trading at Firewood..
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Upi Sep 14 2019 1 1 0
Trading And Withdrawal At Firewood
Is it true that there are those who trade Firewood up to hundreds of millions of rupiah? And Withdrawal is not a problem even up to hundreds of millions?

firewood support team or firewood clients, please comment in the comments column... be polite... thank you... :)
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Wahyudin May 24 2019 1 0 0
Minimal Info
So far so good, but I'm only doing it on the side because this broker is quiet, there are rarely promotions like that.
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Mirdad Apr 11 2019 2 0 0
Interesting Rebate
I have joined for half a year and feel the benefits of the rebate. Many of my trading friends also moved to Firewood. success, yes.
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Ledia Mar 5 2019 0 0
Simple Brokers
Simple broker, not too many promotions, and the web appearance is also normal. The important thing is the WD process is smooth, and the trading is not tampered with by the broker, I think it's ok to trade at Firewood.
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Suparlan Jan 31 2019 2 0 0
Firewood Trading Application
Admin, he said firewood just launched a new trading application huh? What are the features? Before downloading, please share the info. thanks.
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Juliadi Oct 19 2018 1 1 0
It's Simple But The Gap Between The Spreads Is Staggering
I am one of those who like to trade in a simple and easy way. Firewoodfx is perfect because the settings are not complicated, the rules for trading conditions are clear. Yes, even though you can feel the difference in the spread if you upgrade to a Standard & Premium account
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Eva.sf Feb 18 2018 2 1 0
Withdrawal Has Not Been Entered
Withdrawal has not been entered via fasapay, even though WD is only $ 13, I only have WD $ 10 and $ 3, haven't entered it until now. especially if the WD is big.
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Djokow Jul 10 2017 1 1 0
Is It True That The Firewood Depo/wd Can Work 24/7?
I want to try it at Firewood... they say it can be depo/wd 24 hours/7 days...!!?
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