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Nur Indra Aug 1 2021 1 0 0
How Do OctaFX Brokers Calculate?
So far I have been quite satisfied trading on Octafx. The registration process, deposits, wd, opening a new account and other features are quite good and fast. And I also get rebates from the trades I carry out every week. There is one thing I want to ask. When I trade using the lock/hedging method, for example I take a Buy position of 1 lot, and it turns out the price turns down and then I open a Sell of 2 lots. It could happen that the price goes up again and I open Buy again for 3 lots, until it happens again up to 3 times. So I opened Sell again for 4 lots, Buy again for 5 lots and Sell again for 6 lots. Finally the price fell and I closed all positions when the accumulation of the 6 positions was profitable. My question is, how many lot rebates are calculated? Thank You.
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Sopiyan Jul 4 2021 4 0 0
Octafx.com Or Octafx.work?
Which is the correct site, Octafx.com or octafx.work?
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Krisna Jun 1 2021 1 0 0
Is The Flippage Spread On OctaFX Normal?
Is the flippage spread on octaFX normal? When I first started using MT5 it was almost 0spread 0flippage, but on June 1 2021 the flippage spread was crazy, eurusd could be 10pips
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Eri May 23 2021 1 0 0
Balance When The Server Closes
I want to ask whether the price when the server is open follows the updated price or does it follow the price movement to the lowest even though the broker's server is closed?
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Joko Apr 15 2021 3 0 0
Liquidity Aggregator/liquidity Provider Broker OctaFX
Sorry, I want to ask, who is the liquidity aggregator/liquidity provider Octafx? Is it true that LMAX exchange?
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Safana Apr 15 2021 1 1 0
Octafx.com And Octafx.eu, Which Is Original?
Sorry, please answer to increase your confidence, which websites octafx.com and octafx.eu are genuine? On wikifx it is said that octafx.com is a fake regulation. Please reply
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Lina Jan 25 2021 3 4 0
2 Hour Deposit Not Accepted At OctaFX
Octa is the worst broker !! 2 hours the deposit didn't arrive until MC.
And every time CS asked several times, they could only say they were having problems... Even if I wanted to send proof of transfer, they weren't bothered!! Very bad!! Regret using OCTA!! I still have all the evidence.
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Harry Setiawan Dec 28 2020 1 0 0
Octa Arbitrarily Removed From IB
I and many of our trader friends, every week are always kicked out of IB Octafx. In fact, there are those who only trade by installing an EA, but because there are lots of lots on that day, they are immediately removed from the IB and that happens every week. If indeed Octa is not willing to give Rebate to Ib. There's no need to make promotions like that, it's like and the reason is that you always generate lots. Even though only trading with EA/Robot. Strange
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Donny Dec 12 2020 1 0 0
This Broker Is Dangerous
I am an old OctaFX customer. Only now have I experienced something bad. I participated in exchanging lots with gifts. It hasn't been sent for 2 months. The reasons are always the same. We help with follow-up with the trade and win team. The further it goes, the more things go wrong, Octa
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Azhar Oct 7 2020 1 0 2
Regulations At The OctaFX Broker
What are the trading rules & restrictions? So what is the max deposit & max balance?
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