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Deko Feb 19 2021 3 2 3
The Dangers Of Hedging Using This Broker
Be careful when hedging using this broker; the chronology is when my equity is about to run low, then I place a hedge with the same lot, but suddenly, a few moments later, I lose everything, even though my equity is still high. I lost 500 USD; this is serious; this has happened several times. This kind of thing is repeated at this broker.
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Masa Gitu Jan 24 2021 2 0 1
About The Spread Widening When The Order Runs
When the order is running, the spread can widen? I'm at a broker, the spread is widened.
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Jono Jan 1 2021 1 0 0
MT4 Crashes While Trading Is Running
The MT4 I use crashes during transactions, the internet network is good, there are no problems with other brokers at the same time. What if I lose because I didn't place SL. The balance is not big, just enough to buy meatballs, how come the XM facility is like that???????
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JoniFX Nov 17 2020 1 0 3
View Market History
Permission to ask, how do you look back at markets that have passed the past two or three years on a PC? I use XM market. Please answer, because on my PC the only thing that can display the market is 10 November 2019. I want to see the markets from 2010. Thanks.
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Minjai Sep 17 2020 1 0 3
Open Mt4
I want to ask, do you have to use VPN to open MT4 broker XM?
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Juarsa Jun 10 2020 4 4
Never Believe The Xm Broker Scam
I am very disappointed with xm broker withdrawals from 28 May 2020 to 10 June, it can't be done using the Bank Mandiri card method... only 163 USD dollars but it doesn't go into the account... BEWARE OTHER USERS DON'T EVER USE THIS BROKER.. .BROKER SCAM..!!!
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Aldy May 31 2020 3 1 2
Does Xm Still Pay?
Is xm still paying please instructions?
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Jafar May 5 2020 2 0 0
The XM Trading Competition Has Great Prizes
Very cool, XM is holding a trading competition. Come on, fellow traders, try joining the XM competition. The prize is up to $11,000 for the grand winner. And the winner is taken up to 90th place so the chance of getting a prize is very high.
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Raka Putra Apr 28 2020 1 0 0
Change Domain Again, XM
Has the XM domain changed again? How come xm-asian.com can't be accessed? Thank You
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Yopi Apr 7 2020 7 0 0
Ask About XM Regulations
Why is XM not regulated by Bappebti?
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