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Marwan Feb 26 2022 5 2 2
Exnesss Cannot Cut Profits
When the market is volatile, cut profit or cut loss cannot be executed. This happens repeatedly; it seems like it's on purpose. I don't recommend this Exness broker. What's the matter, so when will the profits be like this, will you keep losing?
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Wijanarko Jan 21 2022 1 0 0
No Deposit Bonus Accounts At FXOpen Cannot Be WDed
Trading with a No Deposit Bonus Account at FXOpen, trading profits cannot be withdrawn.
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Joko Jan 12 2022 6 1
Liquidity Aggregator/liquidity Provider
Do our orders on FBS always go to the liquidity aggregator/liquidity provider? So, who is the liquidity aggregator at the FBS broker?
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MITHA Jan 5 2022 1 1 0
Last night (04/01/2022), Liteforex couldn't be accessed at all, I thought it was a network problem, but after trying to access another broker, the network is safe; I emailed this morning, and no reports at all; what's the problem?
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Fox Nov 3 2021 0 0
Biweekly Contest Prizes
Hi friends... if you want a trading balance on MT4 and of course you can use it on WD too. For further information, please refer to the official FXOpen forum, please see the SS attached below.
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Dzawin Oct 6 2021 4 0 0
Why Does FXOpen Broker Change Domains?
I see that FXOpen is changing domains, why?
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Tsamara Sep 7 2021 3 0 0
Is FXOpen A Trusted Broker?
Why is it that every time you type the keyword FXOpen broker that appears in the suggested keywords there is the word FXOpen Fraudster, is FXOpen a problem broker?
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Rachmat Trisnasaputra Aug 26 2021 0 0
Convenient Trading At Liteforex
I joined Liteforex for the 2nd year after changing brokers' deposits; WD is fast, and the support team is responsive. Thank God I've had consistent profits and can even become a Master.
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Khabib Aug 26 2021 1 0 1
No Deposit Bonus Promo At FXOpen
Does FXOpen provide a no deposit bonus promo?
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Anikko Aug 24 2021 2 0 2
Hotforex Withdraw Service Is Bad
Hotforex service is very bad when we withdraw. I withdrew on August 19 2021 but it was rejected on August 20 2021 with the reason being rejected by BCA. When I emailed BCA, I cc Hotforex too, BCA stated they had never rejected/declined any transfer.

I withdrew again on August 20 2021, until today August 24 2021 it is still PENDING. even though WD complies with HF procedures. I asked support, withdrawal and live chat, no one could give an answer when it would be paid.

My WD is far below the limit of $6000 per day for online bank transfers. How is WD worth so much? A small WD which strangely can be PENDING for days. I asked several friends, some had experienced the same fate as some had partially liquidated. What's wrong with Hotforex?
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