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Muhammad Ridha Oct 8 2020 1 0 6
Lost Account Because Cellphone Reinstalled
How do you get back the account that was lost because the cellphone was reinstalled?
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Ahmad Gandi Aug 14 2020 1 0 3
How To Register FCA-regulated Instaforex?
How do you register for Instaforex abroad which is regulated by the FCA?
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Mohammd Daud Gayo May 9 2020 5 0 0
How To Get A Trading Account On A Lost Cellphone?
I have been a trader at Instaforex since November 2019 with good profits. Unfortunately, my cellphone has an error and has to be reinstalled. As a result, my contact data, Mr. Juna, is missing too.
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Andy Apr 10 2020 2 0 0
The Movement Of Pairs At The Instaforex Broker Is Slow
How come the movement of the currency value is slow and tends to stop? Even though the server connection is normal.
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Elvin Ruswanda Yudistira Apr 3 2020 2 0 0
Server Update Request
Good Morning, please update InstaForex-USA.com server
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Renato Mar 27 2020 1 0 0
Rent A VPS To Install Trading Robots
Does instaforex broker provide VPS rental service for EA trading?
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Budi Mar 24 2020 1 0 0
The Problem With WD Is That The Funds Are Not Coming In
I've been trading on Instaforex for about one year; why does it take me WD via WSSChanger to take more than a day even though FBS only takes a few minutes/hours? Please explain why.
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Jefrie Dec 17 2019 4 0 1
IB Instaforexia Is Still Active Or Closed?
I just deposited $770 this morning via IB Instaforexia. But until now I haven't entered. The contact support center cannot be contacted via WhatsApp, telephone, or SMS. Is Instaforexia ib not operating anymore?
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Eko Dec 3 2019 1 0 2
Solution To The Problem Of Not Being Able To Close Sell Orders Automatically
Use MetaTrader 4; if Sell cannot close the order automatically, even though the price has penetrated, Take profit, so when the price reverses, what happens is loss. What's the solution?

For Buy, everything is normal
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Ogie Ofdal Nov 4 2019 1 0 1
The Deposit Never Arrived
I deposited $1,000 yesterday, but the funds haven't arrived until now... what should I do?
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