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Anikko Aug 24 2021 2 0 2
Hotforex Withdraw Service Is Bad
Hotforex service is very bad when we withdraw. I withdrew on August 19 2021 but it was rejected on August 20 2021 with the reason being rejected by BCA. When I emailed BCA, I cc Hotforex too, BCA stated they had never rejected/declined any transfer.

I withdrew again on August 20 2021, until today August 24 2021 it is still PENDING. even though WD complies with HF procedures. I asked support, withdrawal and live chat, no one could give an answer when it would be paid.

My WD is far below the limit of $6000 per day for online bank transfers. How is WD worth so much? A small WD which strangely can be PENDING for days. I asked several friends, some had experienced the same fate as some had partially liquidated. What's wrong with Hotforex?
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Agus Suryadi Nov 7 2020 1 3 3
Has The Hotforex Website Changed?
HotForex Admin, why does the website keep changing from HFBroker.online to now HF-GO.COM? Try to research Indonesian traders first, do you think there are traitors from Bappebti among Hotforex clients? How do you know about Bappebti Hotforex Website? If traders who are not actively trading might be Bappebti's lackeys? It's strange why the fraudsters AxaMandiri, Jiwasraya, BumiPutra are allowed to harm society, while forex and outside brokers are blocked. How will you progress if forex trading in Indonesia is filled with mafia. Insurance in Indonesia also has a lot of mafia.
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Bambang Sep 10 2020 12 43 7
Can I Deposit/WD Using Direct Online Banking In HotForex?
Hotforex representatives, please repair the Deposit/WD using direct online banking BRI/BNI damaged? I initially used BRI internet banking, but because I often had errors on Hotforex, I opened BNI internet banking, but it didn't work. I tried two banks, and it kept failing. Please make it easier for Hotforex Indonesia clients to use local banks. Thank you.
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Bagas Putra Jul 23 2020 2 6 4
Ask About Promos At HotForex
At HotForex there is a special 10th anniversary promotion, with a prize of $2,000,000. That's how to join in?
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Jacky Mar 13 2020 8 4 4
Hotforex Trading Account With Lot Size Up To 0.01?
Hello admin, please let me know. Is there a trading account on Hotforex that has a minimum lot opening of up to 0.01? Thanks
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Raymon Feb 1 2020 3 1 4
Free Swap For Non Muslims
Are micro, premium and Zero Spread accounts available Free Swap for non-Muslims? Thanks.
Testimonial HF MARKETS
Lihin Jan 29 2020 1 1 4
Automatic Trading On The Hotforex Broker
Does the Hotforex broker provide automatic trading or copy trading services?
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Domisiane Dec 19 2019 1 1 4
Ask About Hotforex Broker Commissions
How much is the commission per lot if you trade with this Hotforex broker? Thanks :)
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Mahfudz Sidiq Nov 10 2019 7 6 4
Wd And Deposit
Wd and deposit can't be done through local banks, right?
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Heru Antoro Jul 17 2019 2 1 3
HF Merchandise
I got merchandise from the Hotforex loyalty program, a t-shirt and a new hat.
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