FirewoodFX Announces the Winners of Trading Competition Round 25

April 24, 2019
Of the 150 participants participating in the thousand-dollar prize contest from FirewoodFX, the winner is from Indonesia.

The FirewoodFX broker, established in 2014, regularly holds Trading Competitions for its traders. This one-month trading competition on a real account completed its 25th round last March.

After undergoing intense competition, the winner was determined. The first winner was ALna, an Indonesian trader with a profit of 813.38%. For his achievement, he is entitled to take home a cash prize of 500 USD, which is sent directly to his account. The FirewoodFX Trading Competition is indeed an exciting competition to try because the rewards that can be obtained include:

  • 1st place - USD 500
  • 2nd place - USD 250
  • 3rd place - USD 150
  • 4th place - USD 125
  • 5th place - USD 100

firewoodfx trading competition


FirewoodFX Trading Competition Round 27 Awaits You

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of ALna and other accomplished traders? This is the right time because even though registration for the 26th round has closed, FirewoodFX is still open for registration for the 27th round of the Trading Competition. You can register from April 14 to May 12, 2019, while the competition lasts throughout May.

To participate, you need to open a FirewoodFX account and log in to FWFX Client Cabinet. After completing the registration, fill in a deposit of 10 USD in the FirewoodFX Micro account, then trade as usual and fulfill the minimum transaction requirement of 20 lots during the contest period.

With a leverage of 1:1000, you are allowed to lock or use EA. So what are you waiting for? Immediately hone your trading skills with the FirewoodFX broker and get the chance to bring home cash prizes. You can also find out more about the FirewoodFX broker on their official website.


FirewoodFX is a broker founded in 2014 and focuses on the Asian market, including Indonesia. There are many facilities provided for local traders, such as an Indonesian language option on the website, services via trusted local exchangers, and a fixed exchange rate for USD/IDR.

FirewoodFX Review

FirewoodFX is a broker that provides fixed spreads and fixed exchange rates. Apart from that, this broker offers leverage of up to 1:1000, a minimum deposit of $10, and bonus programs to boost traders' earnings. More

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