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Roni Oct 25 2019 1 0 1
I Can't Register Alpari Account
How do I register an account when my name only consists of one syllable? What do I have to fill in the last name column, whereas, at other brokers, I can fill it in with a period?
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Maryamah Jul 24 2019 3 0 0
A Lot Of Changes On Alpari Broker
Previously, I was comfortable trading at Alpari, but this year there have been a lot of policy changes. starting from reducing the leverage, changing the maximum lot, now the spread is floating. Confused
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Gunner Jun 11 2019 4 1 1
Alpari's Withdrawal Process Is Very Disappointing And Always Fails
I tried to withdraw funds 3x with transaction numbers 25631019, 24584342, and 24556904, and all were rejected for the following reasons:

Transfer request No. 25631019 rejected. Reason for rejection: an error occurred while trying to complete the operation. Please try again or contact our payments department: +448449869559 (ext.2), Mon-Fri, 06:00-17:00 GMT.

Like when I deposited, I withdrew funds using the Ebanking method. I followed the procedure in the banking funds withdrawal menu step by step.

And I regret not being able to contact CS by email or webchat. I was only given a contact telephone number for the UK.
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Marlan May 16 2019 1 0 0
The New Alpari Website Is Very Disappointing
I was disappointed with Alpari's new website. The appearance is less attractive and very difficult to access. So I'm confused about where to look for information. My advice is to return the arrival to the old website. I am commenting because I have been a loyal trader for a long time.
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Achmad Bimo Singo Wijoyo Mar 30 2019 1 0 0
I Cannot Register On Alpari
I'm interested in alpari, when I register I can't. The code is not entered, the password is also not in the email
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Azhar Mar 13 2019 1 0 0
Alpari's Homepage Having Problems?
I opened the Alpari page on the 13th at 9am... how come it's like this? is it being repaired?
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Eko Feb 12 2019 1 0 0
Alpari's Deposits Via E-banking Are Very Bad
I first registered and made a deposit via E-banking. It turned out to be very difficult, several times the widget for the payment process said it had failed. Up to 5x. And the last one still failed. But in reality it turned out that the transaction was successful after I saw the mutation and the remaining balance in my account. I'm still waiting for the last one because the status is still processing.
Unlike XM, deposits via E-banking are very fast and require no processing. Instant about 1 second in.
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Pengamat Pasar Jan 22 2019 1 0 0
Regulations For PAMM Manger On Alpari
I read that there is new information regarding PAMM account regulations. Can you please provide a conclusion? I've read it, but I'm still confused. Thank You.
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Ali Dec 1 2018 3 0 0
How Do I Verify My Account At Alpari?
How do you verify your account at Alpari, if it hasn't been verified, you can't receive WD from Alpari.
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Ellie Nov 27 2018 1 0 0
Asking About Gold Trading
I am interested in trading in London gold, but I am still using a demo account. And I don't understand currency transactions. What is the minimum for gold trading? And what is the procedure?
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