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Fian Apr 28 2021 2 0 0
About FXTM's ECN Zero Account
On the official FxTm website there are 2 types of ECN accounts. Namely an ordinary ECN account and an ECN Zero account. The question is, why does the ECN Zero account detail the account specifications, how come the spread starts from 1.5 pips. A pip of this size is very high for an ECN account size. And this ECN Zero account is not charged a commission, does that mean the commission is charged to the width of the spread?
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Bayu FX Sep 30 2020 0 1
How To Register FXTM Which Is FCA Regulation
How do I register with FXTM which is FCA regulated?
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Samsul Hadi Jun 17 2020 1 0 2
Question About Cent Accounts At FXTM Broker
Info written on the FXTM website I don't understand in this section:
Five decimals for FX (3 on JPY pairs), Spot Metals: 2 decimals for XAUUSD and three decimals for XAG/USD

Can you explain in easy-to-understand language min... hehe. I don't understand that part. Thanks
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Raymon May 29 2020 3 0 0
Does FXTM Provide Free Swap Accounts For Non-Muslims?
Does FXTM account have free swap for non-Muslims? Thank you
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Peppy Feb 26 2020 2 0 0
Withdraw And Deposit With PayPal
Is there no payment option with PayPal?
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Ali Mask Nov 29 2019 2 0 0
Is There A Copy Trading Feature?
Does this broker have copy trading?
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Wahyudi Sep 5 2019 3 0
FXTM Seems Like Doesn't Want To Pay
I registered with fxtm under the name Wahyudi, then fxtm agreed to verify my KTP with the name Wahyudi. I deposited perfect money under the name Wahyudi, then I traded, and after, I made a small profit.

I want WD, but when I want WD, fxtm refuses to verify my perfect money named Wahyudi, they deliberately refuse to verify my perfect money, so I can't WD, fxtm refuses for various reasons that don't make sense. Be careful trading with fxtm, this broker scam broker, and FXTM never intends to pay.
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Monica Oct 2 2017 1 2 2
Pros And Cons Using FXTM
- Deposits and withdrawals are fast; you can use a bank transfer via an intermediary site, which is good.

- Why do you think the spread is so high? The screenshot is not in a state of volatility

- There was also a time when the profit did not match pips even though there was no swap, so I was confused
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Dewa Sep 11 2017 2 1 1
Ghost Candlesticks!
I regret trading on fxtm. The candlestick chart differs from the default on MT4 because it immediately hits MC.

It's not much, but trust is completely lost. Repent immediately, and the small ones have been cheated, especially if you play big. Oh my gosh.

The first SS is weird from FXTM. I prefer to trust the default MT4 account. My second demo account is on mt4, simultaneously and in the same position. That's it.
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Andre Mar 11 2017 5 1 0
Ask About Terms Of ECN Accounts At FXTM
I read in the terms of the ECN account a minimum deposit of $500. If I only deposit less than $ 500, will it be a problem if I make a profit? I'm afraid I can't withdraw my profit.
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