Forex4you Broker Review

January 17, 2023
Forex4You is a beginner-friendly broker with an initial deposit of only $1. Cent accounts, leverage up to 1:500, and the Share4you copy trading platform are available to support traders.

Forex4you is a broker under the auspices of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. FSC British Virgin Islands licenses this broker under the Securities and Investment Business Act with certificate number SIBA/L/12/1027. Based on data on the official website as of December 2019, Forex4You has recorded 1.8 million users, 728 million executed orders, 10 choices of payment methods, and support for 8 languages.

Forex4you cooperates with various technology companies, banks, liquidity providers, and external auditors to provide honest, safe, and satisfying services. These institutions are Banco Espirito Santo (the largest private bank in Portugal), PPF Bank, OCBC Bank, ABLV Bank, Sucden Financial Ltd, Boston Technologies, and others. Forex4You clients' funds' safety is ensured through segregated customer accounts from company accounts.

The account types offered by the Forex4You broker also vary, starting from Cent, Classic, Cent NDD (No-Dealing Desk), and Pro STP. The minimum deposit starts from 0 USD, and the leverage is 1:1000, making Forex4You a consideration for beginners. Execution speed starts from 0.37 seconds on pro-STP accounts up to 1.72 seconds on Sen accounts. The spreads are divided into 2 types: floating (starting from 0.1 pips) and fixed (starting from 2 pips). On Cent and Classic accounts, no commission is charged. Meanwhile, commissions on pro-STP accounts start from 8 USD per lot.

Broker Forex4You also offers a partnership program and attractive promotions for its clients. There are 3 flexible collaboration schemes: a 3-level affiliate program, an agent program, and Pro STP Markup. By becoming a Forex4You broker partner, you can earn additional income through spreads. The more clients that register with 1 partner, the income of that partner will increase. It is free of charge and without the need to fill out a deposit first. All you have to do is register on the official page.

Broker Name Forex4you
Website Click here to visit Forex4you's official page
Company E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc
Founded On 2007 year
Regulators FSC British Virgin Islands under the Securities and Investment Business Act with certificate number SIBA/L/12/1027
Customer service Phone/fax: +44 207 324 6372
Indonesian Customer Service: 1 800 813 772 (toll-free)
24/5 customer service via chat, email, and telephone.
website language English, Hindi, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin
Deposits And Withdrawals Credit Cards, E-payments (Netteler, Skrill, WebMoney)
Partnership Program ✔️
Educational Content ✔️
Trading platforms MetaTrader 4 for Windows, Android, iPhone
Trading instruments Forex, CFD, Commodities
Spreads Fixed Spreads
Minimum initial deposit 1USD
Account Currency USD, EUR
leverage Up to 1:500
Minimum Lots 0.01 Lots
Account Type Cent and Standard
Swap-free Account ✔️
Segregated Accounts ✔️
Order Execution Super Fast
Margin Call/Stop Out ✔️
Promotion ✔️
Copy Trading ✔️
Bonus ✔️


Trading Account Options

One of the strengths of Forex4you is the wide variety of Trading Accounts it offers. You can trade with a dealing desk (DDE), without a dealing desk (NDDE), or open a PAMM account. Furthermore, this broker offers a Cent Account where you can trade with a deposit as small as $1. If you are a professional trader, Forex4you also accommodates your needs by providing a Pro STP Account, which is touted to have slippage control.


Partner with Forex4you

Like any forex broker in general, Forex4you also offers you the opportunity to become their partner. The difference is that Forex4you provides more unique options. An online partner option is perfect for those active in cyberspace, an official representative option for those who want to open a brokerage business, and an offline partner for those who are affiliates of several brokers at once.

There is also a unique opportunity to take part in a multilevel program, where you can earn income in a tiered system. If a client you introduce to Forex4you becomes a partner and introduces another person, you get your direct client's share of the spread and your client's share of the client's. And so on if the client also becomes a partner and introduces another client.

Becoming a Forex4you partner is a rare opportunity to harvest fortune besides forex trading. As well as earning commissions from the multilevel system, you also earn per-order and per-client commissions. To become a partner, you don't have to invest funds by registering here.


Conclusions and Recommendations

At first glance, the trading rules at this broker are complicated and convoluted. However, Forex4you attempts to be transparent and honest in its operations, as well as demonstrate excellent skills as a broker.

Forex4you earnestly encourages its clients and prospective clients to succeed as traders, whether they are beginners or experienced, with little or a lot of capital, full-time or part-time. This is evident from the various advantages it offers:


Advantages of Forex4You

  • Account Choices with Various Specifications
    Both novice and professional traders will have no difficulty choosing the Forex4You trading account that suits them because the choice of accounts offered by Forex4you is very varied. The trading conditions have been explained transparently on the official website, with maximum leverage, minimum deposit, spreads, and commissions charged.

  • Trader Room
    The Trader Room at Forex4you is complete and can answer any trader's needs. Besides the usual functions on display for clients, such as deposits/withdrawals and Account History, Forex4you also provides trading analysis from Trading Central for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, and AUD /USD. There is also a Forex guidebook that traders can download for free. For traders who like to use social media, there is also a feature that connects trading accounts with Facebook. Sharing analysis results and trading ideas is getting easier.

  • Share4You Copytrading Program
    Beginner traders can increase their chances of making a profit in the forex world through the Share4You feature. Not everyone has the experience, and that's why Forex4You makes it easy for novice traders to copy the trading activities of professionals with an automated service. No need to download additional applications. Trading risks remain under control and are easy to operate.

Check Out More Interesting Info on Forex4You

In addition to all the features listed above, there are other things to know about this broker. For more informations about Forex4You, check out these pages:

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