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Tri Jumaedi Oct 27 2016 0 1
Copy Trades From Forex4you
Forex4you launches a copy trading feature which is very helpful for novice traders who are constantly losing and trading for EA. Perfect for me.
Testimonial FOREX4YOU
M. Zulfikar Oct 1 2013 4 9 7
Pretty Cool, Just Blocked By WD Rules
I've been using Forex4you's services for over a year and so far, I haven't had any complaints about the deposit or WD. Forex4you's mobile and MetaTrader applications are pretty cool, even if they feel laggy at times, but so far there haven't been any significant issues.

However, as a user who is still trying to adapt to Forex4you, I feel strange because I can't WD within 30 days. While many other brokers do not enforce this rule. Overall, I am satisfied with the service of this broker.
Testimonial FOREX4YOU

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